Project Description

WANT TO PAINT YOUR CAR A FAVOURITE COLOUR? Not a problem, we do it all.

Car resprays are a growing trend as people value their cars more and more every day, especially the older models where the paint has lost its shine. If you want to give your car a fresh spray of paint, then give our friendly staff a call and we can arrange a no obligation quote to respray your car from top to bottom. Why let your car respray stop your normal way of life while your car is being repaired! Enquire with our friendly staff who can assist you in arranging a nice modern hire car while your car is being repaired, normally available for the period of your car repairs to minimise your inconvenience.

We are happy to work with your timetable to ensure a smooth workflow for your job, and enjoy the outcome.
Whether you are respraying your favourite car to make it the special colour you want, or you are fixing a car up for resale, we will help you achieve your goals.

At Melbourne Collision Repair Centre we turn your ordinary car colour into something special, that’s our promise, that’s our guarantee. Come in for a quote and we will do the rest.

Call 1800 CAR ACCIDENT (1800 227 222) now!!
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