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Customers who purchases a vehicle of this luxury can afford the big price tags normally. However, automakers have learned that there is a market for “entry level” luxury cars for up and coming buyers who want the name without paying the steep price. The dilemma for automakers is not to water down the product line, rather to offer a car that upholds the marquee without diluting its value. One such car that has successfully has done so is the Jaguar X Type, the focus of this review.

Subaru, for years, has offered all wheel drive across their model line, but few cars – foreign or domestic – have incorporated what has chiefly been the realm of sport utility vehicles. But in 2002 Jaguar also introduced its first all wheel drive car, the X Type, a compact sedan. Fresh on the heels of the successful mid-sized S Type, the X Type’s low base price was well within the range of other entry level luxury cars in its class including the Saab 9-3 and Audi A4. As a “bonus” all wheel drive was made standard supposedly giving the X Type an edge over most competitors. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way.

The original X Type performed poorly against the competition. Published reports stated that the car was too small, less dependable, and not as powerful as other cars in its class. Sales were sluggish for the first three years.

The interior is still a typical high level Jaguar finish. Bronze Sapele wood, finished chrome, and leather appointments truly make the X Type a car lovely to behold on the inside as well as the outside. Standard interior features include an Alpine® 10-speaker, 320-watt sound system; 8 way power adjustable driver’s seat; tilt/cruise; power everything; are some of the stand outs of the X Type. Optional equipment allows for owners to select Bluetooth® hands-free voice connectivity and SIRIUS® Satellite Radio. For ultimate luxury the Vanden Plas edition, formerly available on only larger Jaguars, is now available on the X Type.

For the exterior, traction control is mated with the all wheel drive system to give an optimum level of handling and braking performance. Rain sensing wipers, power/heated door mirrors, and automatic headlamps are all features found on the X Type. Of course, one of the most sought after features is its looks: distinctive Jaguar lines, the trademark split grille, and quad round headlamps.

The sedan is the most affordable model and is three to four thousand dollars more for the Vanden Plas sedan and sport wagon models, respectively. Roughly half of all Jaguar sales come from the X Type. Judging by the changes put in place by Jaguar, the X Type should continue to carry the lion’s share of the market while keeping the Jaguar name front and center.

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